Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dan Lacey, the Painter of Pancakes

I first heard of Dan Lacey when he posted some of his art to the wft_art community in LiveJournal. It was certainly fitting artwork: nude Obama and Penelope the unicorn? Pancakes?

Obama Unicorn / Oddysey Dawn

Yeah, art can have humor and strange obsessions. Looking at Dan Lacey's work I see both things, humor and obsessions. Celebrities (with pancakes). No more pancakes for Osama Bin Laden. Political statements. Symbols. Eroticism. I can say I'm becoming a fan and look forward to each new post, whether in LJ, blogspot or facebook, and upcoming auctions on eBay.

My personal favorite so far has been a portrait of a nude man looking for a cat under the bed.

Male nude on bed looking for cat




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