Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1000 Bodies

Imagine yourself in a photo studio, alone and completely naked with a black mask in one hand and a remote camera trigger in the other. You get one shot, and the result is up to you. Do you dare?
1000 Bodies Project

Regarding this particular photo, the model says:
It doesn’t matter to me if my name is used. I’m not promoting myself, but I do promote Bay Area Intactivists. So thank you if you should mention BAI (Bay Area Intactivists). At our BAI info booth Castro and Folsom street fairs in San Francisco, I have shown my in-progress foreskin restoration to the interested public. It’s fun and rewarding to see jaws drop in amazement upon seeing half my glans covered with grown skin. Then I pull back to show the marked improvement in skin tone of the glans that’s covered whereas the exposed portion still has age spots and is dryer rougher looking. It’s even more fun and rewarding to know they leave with hope and empowerment for change. My Circumcision Index I rate it at CI 4.