About Juan

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Juan grew up surrounded by a creative and supportive family. His aunts and mom always motivated him to do something more, and so after a day of regular school, he would spend evenings and Saturdays at the art school learning about color theory, anatomy, perspective, history of art and all the fun stuff.

On a Chrismas Eve he found his first camera under the Christmas tree: An Olympus Trip 35.

During his last 2 years of High School, he focused more on literature, and then he went to college to pursuee Software Engineering, literally forgetting about Art for several years.

Juan graduated from college and joined the work force as part of the R+D group of a manufacturing company. Years later he moved to Florida, and besides working in programming, he met with several artists that inspired him to create art again. Watercolors first, photography, oil painting. He wrote a screenplay and tried to produce the movie, but after 2 years of hard work he had to let the project rest, at least for the time being.

He has also collaborated with several artists on different projects.

As an artist, Juan is fascinated with the human figure, perhaps as a part of his own quest to understand and heal his relationship to his own body. He loves the classic Greek art and of course the Italian Renaissance, but he's also inspired by contemporary artists, such as the Colombian Fernando Botero, or the master of pop art Andy Warhol, or the great Spanish masters, Picasso and Dali.

Juan was deeply inspired by the art of Spencer Tunick. As he started learning and researching more, he was deeply surprised by photographers of the nude figure such as Von Gloeden, Albert Arthur Allen, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sally Mann, Annie Leibovitz and Nobuyoshi Araki, just to mention a few.

Juan decided to start this blog as a way to promote those artists that he admires, whether from the past, or current artists that he learns about and often interacts with through the internet or in real life.

He currently resides in the Tampa Bay area, and some of his artistic work can be seen at http://mypeacefulart.blogspot.com/