Monday, June 27, 2011

Raphael Perez - Gay Paintings

It seems appropriate to feature a gay artist after the Pride day and New York's approval of gay marriage. And a gay artist that I really enjoy seeing in my flickr contacts is Raphael Perez from Israel.

According to his Flickr profile: "Raphael Perez is the first Israeli artist to express his lifestyle as a Gay. His life and the life of the LGBT community are connected and unfold over hundreds of artwork pieces."

Gay love couple dancing

"The subjects of the paintings are the everyday life of couples in everyday places and situations, along with the aspiration to a homosexual relationship and family, equality and public recognition. Perez's works bring forward to the cultural space and to the public discourse the truth about living as LGBT and about relationships, with all of their aspects – casual relationships and sex, the yearning for love, the everyday life and the mundane activities that exist in every romantic relationship – whether by describing two men in an intimate scene in the bathroom, the bedroom or the toilet, a male couple raising a baby or the homosexual version of the Garden of Eden, family dinners, relationship ups and downs, the complexity in sharing a life as well as mundane, everyday life competing with the aspiration to self realization – through Perez's life."

Men kissing and dancing on Tel Aviv building

I particularly enjoy his "naive paintings", so full of color, innocence (even in erotic situation) and simple mindedness of pure love vibrating in the form of flying hearts all around. I find them cheerful and extremely happy.

He also works in more realistic styles with great talent, and his flickr photostream is also splashed with photographs, whether of models in his studio, self nudes, self photos next to his artwork and other pieces that make the artist available and human to the public, and not just a name and a signature in his artwork.

Man on bed



Soldiers parade

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