Thursday, October 13, 2011

Completely Naked - Emotional Censorship

Completely Naked is a visual art initiative in London that, in their own words:

"Specialized in interactive installations, we explore live arts, visual, digital and time-based languages and our ideas are based on a curiosity for human behaviour from individual to collective responses. We create psychological conflicts to activate the partaker's reaction. We explore representations of the human body and challenge social boundaries around personal identity. Our work combines an interest in culture, psychology and communication with design by engaging public audiences in exciting methods of interactivity and art."

I find their projects fascinating, fearless in explore the taboo behind the identity, the privacy of the subject, and the need for self expression.

I'm sharing here a video that Completely Naked recently posted, from the Censura Emocional (Emotional Censorship) project in Portugal. I really recommend visiting their website, their facebook and their vimeo. You are in for an interesting trip!

Censura Emocional / FB / A8 from pau ros on Vimeo.



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