Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rik Garrett - Photography and Magic Together

I've been following Rik Garrett on blogspot and livejournal for a while. What first caught my attention was his use of traditional techniques, like wet plate photography. In our time of digital photography and photoshop, finding artists that take the time to work with real materials is always a treat.

But beyond that, Rik was expressing something more primal with his work. His dedication to create books that were allegorical to Alchemy and Magic, whether a spiritual quest or a metaphor for the photographic process and the artistic creation, is very thought provoking.

From his Earth Magic series:

More recently, Rik created a hand made book called Symbiosis, in a limited edition. The images were created by painting with acrylic paints over original photographs. This is one of the images from the Symbiosis series:




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