Friday, May 27, 2011

Jack Gescheidt and the TreeSpirit Project

Jack Gescheidt is a California based photographer, environmentalist (East coast roots) and treehugger (West coast growth). His TreeSpirit Project is a collection of environmental art photographs by Jack Gescheidt—all made with volunteers—to draw attention to the critical role trees play in our lives and the ecosystem of which we are a part.

In 2007 he made a photograph to celebrate the Memorial Oak Grove in Berkeley, which was later destroyed as part of a development project. (I remember crying that day following the news coverage).

His most recent photo, displayed below, was made in John's Island in SC, around the Angel Oak to draw attention to the oak's grandeur and raise concerns about a developer's plans to build apartments and shops on a larger tract adjacent to the small Johns Island park where the tree lives.

"Angels" © 2011, Jack Gescheidt, posted with kind permission from the artist.

Being a photographer working with nudity in public places is not always a peaceful walk in the park, and this photoshoot attracted the attention of the police as covered in the video and related story. Fortunately for us, a beautiful photograph was made and no arrests were made. You can also read more in the photographer's blogspot page.

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