Monday, July 11, 2011

Facundo Cabral - Argentina

While this blog is dedicated to visual arts, a very painful event happened in the latin american music scene last Saturday July 9th. Argentinean singer Facundo Cabral was murdered in Guatemala after his tour, while he was traveling to the airport.

Facundo Cabral was 74 years old. His songs have inspired generations. It's hard to believe that anyone could have raised a weapon against this wonderful man who always sang to happiness, love and freedom.

For an extended version:

He used to say that he hoped that the day of his death would find him totally alive. He also used to say that in spite of all the suicidal and homicidal [men], this world is still a paradise.

Rest in peace, Facundo Cabral. Thank you for all your beautiful songs, you made our lives happier.

The singers should never die.

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